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          With my experience in the speech and hearing sciences and art, I strive to show that visual communication is an important component in science and in the medical world. To do this, I work with elements of anatomy. Even though these are things that are often seen and depicted in both art and science, I want to suggest another way of looking at it. Through this work I aspire to help others start to see things from a new perspective and make their own discoveries.

          Some of the anatomy that is depicted will probably be unfamiliar. It is this anatomy, though overlooked and ignored by most, which works to power our most essential functions such as speaking and hearing. I want the audience to experience these intricate yet powerful elements that make up our anatomy. This work aims to help others appreciate the inner workings and introduce a different way of viewing human anatomy by using a colorful, graphic style which is vastly different than depictions found in medical textbooks and journals.

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